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Coaches as Professionals


Coaches of Canada is the ONLY organization that grants official designation to professionals in the field of coaching in Canada. We continue to “advance the profession of coaching…” and exist to:

  • Protect and serve the public interest;
  • Protect the character and status of members of the profession;
  • Develop, coordinate and provide services to members;
  • Organize and promote educational and professional development opportunities;
  • Represent members and interests before governmental bodies; and
  • Promote the profession of coaching.

All members of Coaches of Canada are required annually, upon renewal, to sign off on the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics or the corporation, as well as the Canadian Policy Against Doping in Sport.

Coaches of Canada also endorsed the National Code & Canadian Policy and encourages all members to familiarize themselves with this sport policy.

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Professional Practices Committee

What’s New?

Committee Members:

David Telles-Langdon, PhD, ChPC, Chair
Luc Arseneau, ChPC
Ron Brown, ChPC
Sheilagh Croxon, ChPC
Gail Dononhue, ChPC

The Professional Practices Committee meets monthly to develop, maintain and uphold both the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics; develop, maintain and adjudicate the requirements for the Chartered Professional Coach designation; and review any complaints of unprofessional conduct brought against a member and determine the appropriate course of action.

Governance Committee

Committee Members:

Ron Brown, ChPC, Chair
Liz Hoffman
David Telles-Langdon, PhD, ChPC

The Governance Committee meets monthly to provide an effective governance model that meets the needs of Coaches of Canada and to ensure that the organization is in compliance with the new Canadian Not for Profit Act (effective 2013).


Finance Committee

Committee Members:

John Neufeld, ChPC, Chair
Stephen Burke, ChPC
Cyndie Flett, ChPC

The Finance Committee meets monthly to provide recommendations on budgeting and financial planning for the organization, as well as to review financial statements to ensure financial accountability.

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